Garbanzo Literary Journal (vol. 1)


Three Tastes (click image to read)

(a poem)

Travel Time

by Doug Bolling

(a portion of a story)

Broken Straw

by Melissa Crory

(a portion of an essay)

The Hollow of His Hand

by Zahie El Kouri


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Garbanzo is another entry into the canon of the Quiescence series of chapbooks -- hand-created books that are rivet bound, silk bookmarked, screen-printed dust-jacketed, and individually numbered. There are, without a doubt, no other books being created in this way, anywhere, within a solar system or three.

A literary journal like no other, Garbanzo seeks to open the loudspeaker of storytelling to all those who pour forth their heart and soul into the ink that longs for the page. Based neither on one’s prior conquests, nor their lineage of authorial name, our book features a mix of forty-three tale-tellers both new and seasoned, loquacious and brief, serious and witty and utilizing the form and format of stories, poems, essays and...

Garbanzo (volume one) is NOW SHIPPING!!!!. The book is 145 pages and is limited to 304 6/10ths printed copies. There will also be a digital version available via the iBookstore soon after the tangible release.

22 poems...19 stories...4 essays...

1 lyric...from...

Alana Eisenbarth

Carl Palmer

Damon Marbut

Danielle Kral

David Bogdan

DJ Swykert

Doug Bolling

Elvis Alves

Floyd Johnson

Greg Miraglia

Isaac Simonelli

Jacqueline Applewhite

James G. Piatt

Jason ‘Ophiuchus’ La Monte

J.C. Vickery

Jody Sperling

John Mahoney

Ken Poyner

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Larry Simpson

Malcolm Tent

Mandavi Singh

Melissa Crory

Michael Mcsherry

Michelle Bruhn

Monica Richards

Nancy Scott

Nels Hanson

Nick Sweet

Rob Spiegel

Robert Lietz

Rose Engelfried

Sarah Goncalves

Seth Copeland

Shawna Rencher

Shawnte Orion

Spencer Semonson

Steve Newton

Steven Nova

Steven Ray Smith

Suanna Davis

Victoria Shaffer

Zahie El Kouri

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