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A bean.  The garbanzo bean...found throughout the world in nearly every culture’s cooking, and a staple of the vegan an amazingly diverse bean capable of being bread flour, one thousand flavors of hummus, is full of protein, can look (depending on one’s perspective) like a heart or a mooning buttocks, and is one of the elder crops of humankind.  As such, it is the perfect mascot for a literary magazine.

Seraphemera is a collaborator on all sorts of wondrous ideas,

from handmade chapbooks to gothic coloring books,

comic books to gloriously crafted books of nothingness,

events in the corners of dark clubs to films that bring us closer to the light.

A gothique boutique.  Purveyors in imagination.  Made from story-stuff.

Believers in hope and light rather than cynicism and darkness.

Wordsmiths.  Artisans.  Courtesans.

Agents of Enthusiasm.  Publisher.  Philosopher.

Parishioner at the church of the falling rain.

This is the homepage of the garbanzo literary journal as produced by

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Hasta La Garbanzo Siempre

Garbanzo is to be published digitally with distribution through the iBookstore, as well as in a limited run of (currently) three hundred four and six-tenths copies as part of the Seraphemera Quiescence series of chapbooks - hand-created books that are rivet bound, satin bookmarked, screen-printed dust-jacketed, and individually numbered.  There are, without a doubt, no other books being created in this way, anywhere, within a solar system or three.