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There’s an artist, so forgotten, that one almost believes he couldn’t have possibly existed - because when you see what he created, you think, how could somebody with such insight, such clarity, such incite, such vision, ever get lost to the fractals of time...yet this is exactly how one might describe the legacy of Art Young.

Last year we announced the return (after a seventy year hiatus) of the Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry as one of many steps being taken to rewrite time so as to right this wrong.  The 2015 winner of the Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry was Amy Lerman, with her poem Why Is It?  (See below)

In 1945, about eighteen months after he passed away, his friends at The New Masses wrote, “When our beloved colleague, Art Young, died we thought there could be no more fitting memorial to him than to continue, in his name, the deep and abiding interest he always had in the work of younger artists and writers...thus were born the Art Young Memorial Awards” - which included awards for poetry, short story, reportage and art (cartoon or painting).

The winning poem of 1945, Soldier Song by Floyd Wallace, included publication of the work in The New Masses along with a $100 prize. The poem, which can be seen below, will be the only provided guide as to theme and cadence of the work. We do suggest, however, researching Art Young, Max Eastman, Hellen Keller, The Masses (magazine 1911 - 1917), Good Morning (magazine 1919 - 1922) and the Art Young Gallery in Bethel CT.

Now, with inflation, that $100 from 1945 would presently be $1,323.61 at a cumulative rate of 1223.6%. I can assure you Art Young would have something brilliant, poignant, and eviscerating, to say about this. Sadly, as but a small journal, we cannot afford to keep pace with these exorbitant times. So, we’re offering the same $100 and who knows what else will be thrown into the prize mix beyond the financial. Our whimsy knows no bounds.

The winning piece will be published in Art Young’s Good Morning (the present home of the ongoing Garbanzo Literary Journal project) for the March 1st 2016 issue.

You can learn more about Art Young’s Good Morning, here:

There is one free submission per person. If you’d like to submit more than one piece for consideration, there is a $5 reading fee for each additional piece. Winners will be announced on Art Young’s 150th birthday - January 14th, 2016 - with this being the annual award date.  Now confirmed as an annual award, the entry deadline is December 15th. Please, no previously published work. All submissions should be sent to artyoung @

Initial round of judging will be by Mr & Mrs Garbanzo who will whittle the entries down to 15 - 20 finalists. From there, final decisions will be the purview of our judges team...tbd for the 2016 award...

We look forward to reading your works!

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