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We are calling out to all who have placed word on page (and even those who still carry all their works in the mind).  Stories of up to one thousand one hundred and seventy two words, poems of up to forty-three lines, micro-fiction, macro-faction, limericks, villanelles, cinquains, couplets, couplings, creative non-fiction, non-creative fictions...and whatever form your moving, thoughtful, memorable tale, wishes to take (which means disregard the rules, punkrock style).

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Dear Friends and Fans of Garbanzo Literary Journal -

There are a number of exciting changes on the vine here at Garbanzo Literary Journal, and we're writing to announce them all.

First, we've come to realize that at this time, the financial viability of producing three hundred handmade copies, every nine months, is no longer a possibility.  While there has been so much support and encouragement and praise for this project, Garbanzo Literary Journal in its present form is going on a hiatus of undetermined duration.


Garbanzo Literary Journal is neither eaten, nor pressed into hummus for the last time...

We have embarked on an endeavor to bring back a magazine known as Good Morning, edited by the esteemed illustrator Art Young.  Good Morning ran from 1919 - 1922...and it is not every day one gets to bring forth out of a slumber, a dormant political/satire/humor/literary magazine.  How can we resist?

The first issue of Good Morning arrived this past Sunday, and you can download it for free, here:

A sixteen page magazine, there are two pages devoted to Garbanzo Literary Journal.  Let's call it Garbanzo Literary Journal 6.0.1.  Three Garbanzo-alums are in this first issue (L.N. Holmes, Ashley Rockhill, and Ted Killmer) and their writings have been illustrated by Ava Dawn Heydt (also known as Mrs. Garbanzo).

What does this mean then, for Garbanzo Literary Journal?

For the time being, three or four writings will be selected to appear in each issue of Good Morning.  The publication schedule is every two months, the next issue being January 1st 2016.  Submissions will continue to be revolving throughout the year.

Submissions can be emailed to


mailed to

Seraphemera Books & Music

211 Greenwood Ave

Suite 224

Bethel, CT 06801

Given that we no longer have a handmade tome as payment, compensation will be in the form of ten copies of Good Morning that can be passed around to whomever, as well as the framed original illustration, to be crafted for each piece, and published in Good Morning.  We think it's a pretty cool alternate for the tome.

More news will follow on Garbanzo Literary Journal, but for now two additional items:

1)  Our heartfelt thanks to everybody who has been a part of the Garbanzo Literary Journal experience so far.  The tome will return, Garbanzofest will someday continue...but for now, the project lives on in a different form.  To everybody who has been published, to those not published, to those still to be published - your encouragement and enthusiasm is what keeps us going.

2)  Submissions are now open for the 2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry.  An award we resurrected last year, you can learn more and see submission guidelines and prize information ($100 prize, free entry) at:

Keep writing and dreaming,

Mr. & Mrs. Garbanzo

***NOTE - if you are going to mail us papers:

1)  Do not send a SASE - while we might be a throwback, the act of needing your printouts sent back and getting a response via our pigeons, is archaic

  1. 2) In that regard as above...have an email address through which we can contact you.  We have a LOT of interaction with our selected writers, but we do not have the timeframe to do so via The US Postal Service.  While no email address won’t stop us from selecting your work for publication, it may very well work against you.

Our location is also accessible via GPS

Global Pigeoning System

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There is no reading fee for submissions.

We really like hand written entries.

Weve been known to publish them as is in your hand.