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Submission deadlines of:

Book 6  -  October 1, 2015 for December 16, 2015 publication date

Book 7  -  June 15th, 2016 for September 1, 2016 publication date

Book 8  -  March 1st, 2017 for May 19th, 2017 publication date

We are calling out to all who have placed word on page (and even those who still carry all their works in the mind).  Stories of up to one thousand one hundred and seventy two words, poems of up to forty-three lines, micro-fiction, macro-faction, limericks, villanelles, cinquains, couplets, couplings, creative non-fiction, non-creative fictions...and whatever form your moving, thoughtful, memorable tale, wishes to take (which means disregard the rules, punkrock style).

For more information, please check the FAQ link above.

For best information, check out a copy of the book itself!

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mailed to

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***NOTE - if you are going to mail us papers:

1)  Do not send a SASE - while we might be a throwback, the act of needing your printouts sent back and getting a response via our pigeons, is archaic

  1. 2) In that regard as above...have an email address through which we can contact you.  We have a LOT of interaction with our selected writers, but we do not have the timeframe to do so via The US Postal Service.  While no email address won’t stop us from selecting your work for publication, it may very well work against you.

Our location is also accessible via GPS

Global Pigeoning System

See your local listings for Carriers near you

There is no reading fee for submissions.

We really like hand written entries.

Weve been known to publish them as is in your hand.

Authors selected for publication will receive payment of one copy of the limited run print edition (currently 304 6/10ths copies) of the book as well as the digital edition (as created for the iBookstore, and accessible via iTunes) of the book.  Publishing rights outside of single publication will remain with the author.

Garbanzo is to be one hundred twenty eight pages (or one ran to 145 pages), published on a two hundred sixty day cycle, corresponding with the date 2 Oc in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.