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This subscription is like getting four books for the price of three point three eight books!  A good starter pack - this would last into 2014.

Subscriptions are a large part of the survival of any literary journal.  We hope, that either from our first book, or over time, you’ll trust us to consistently deliver some of the very best writing you’ll ever find, and thus want to help us keep going.  Subscriptions also make great gifts as they are longterm and ongoing presents for the readers and writers in your life.

Another benefit of a subscription is that you will gather a collection of Garbanzo that will all be numbered the same (as all books are numbered).

We have five levels of subscriptions available...Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortals (and if you get the reference to the five titles, without looking it up, we salute you...)

This subscription is like getting ten books for the price of eight and three tenths books!  This subscription would last until 2018.

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Reading might be a solitary endeavor, but discussing a book afterwards, is always worth the price of coffeehouse admission.  This package assures you and another receive copies of the same five books.  This subscription would provide books until the end of 2015.

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Not only does this provide you with reading material well on in years, but helps support the ongoing foundations of Garbanzo.  Purchasing a subscription like this would also provide all sorts of little extras coming your way with your books.  One never knows what paper goodies would be included with each shipment...origami tends to find its way with wings as do one of a kind notebooks and journals and the equivalent of all sorts of literary thank you garbanzoabilia.

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This is the top of the mountain.  We’re together as long as were all still kicking...and maybe then some...This is what it means to be a patron of the arts, an illustrious illuminator of the beacon of the story, of words, of real, tangible, hold-in-you-hand love ‘em and stick ‘em in your pocket books.  There are no words for such a thank you.