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Congratulations on being a part of Garbanzo Volume Three via the two Community Collaborative Writing Projects that we ran -

The Spirits of Tarrywile Mansion &

The Haunted Bookshoppe.

In thanks for being included in the tome, we’re offering you the opportunity to purchase up to two additional copies at 75% of the cover price.  This is $15/book + shipping (which is a flat rate US Priority Mail $5.05 for up to two books.  Hooray Priority Mail flat rate mailers!)

You’re also welcome to purchase further copies at full website price ($20/ea).

Community Discount Copies

Garbanzo #3

$15.00 (up to two)

Alfred Bradley

Alice Hutchinson

Becky Petro

Bill Polardy

Christopher Conway

Dan Hamilton

Diane Hassan

Gillian Grozier

Jeffrey Elronsen

Joel Stewart

Karen Ciocca

Lorraine Ballato

Luisa Kenausis

Luna V. Geistburg

Megan Olszewski

Nathaniel Hornik

Patricia D. Stewart

Rachael Ciocca

Stacey Olszewski

Steve Flachsbart

Tarragon Wilde

Tyler Jones

Hello Wonderful Garbanzo Community Collaborative Writing Project Participants...DARING Participants!!

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