Choose a cover for Book Four...


Hello Adreyo, Alana, Amy, Anne, B., Brian, Carolyn, Claire, Cooper, Craig, Cristine, Darren, Doug, Drew, Elena, Emily H, Emily S, Eric, Harvey, Jacqueline, James, Jamie, Jean, John, Katie, Kristina, M.A., Marc, Michael, Michelle, Mike, Milt, Morgan, Prairie, Rain, Ricky, Robert, Rowan, Sadie, Steve, Ted, Tom & Tyler...

Here are the three options for book four covers (larger versions below).

  1. 1) Garbanzo Baseball

  2. 2) Garbanzo Hot-Air Balloon

  3. 3) Garbanzo Phoenix

Send us an email using this link (or in response to the email we sent) and tell us which of the three you choose.  Voting ends Thursday June 5th at 5:00pm (Eastern US Time)


Mr & Mrs Garbanzo